Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you employment opportunities that will help you to satisfy your career goals. We also provide high quality trainings and guidance to  boost your confidence as you face your employers. For the recruiters, we give you the best qualified candidates who can help you obtain your company’s goals.


  • The time duration of the process will depend on your role, ability to interview and the candidates’ availability.

  • You will just simply fill out our contact form together with your contact details, job vacancy and the fee you are going to pay and we will get in touch with you.

  • We do not require you any upfront cost and you will not pay us until your chosen candidate has already started and you are fully satisfied.

  • We expertly work with all the job vacancies in all the industry types. Our service process will depend on your set of fee and the level of service that will fit your requirements.

FAQs for Employers

  • Weadvertise permanent, temporary, part time and as needed job vacancies.ble.

  • One MoveCareers will take admin time out of your employment process. We will simplysend you candidates for interview rather than having to go through CVs. Theprocess will help you save time while finding potential employees and you willnot need to deal with payroll issues.

  • To post anadvertisement, you should first sign up and complete your registration. After asuccessful registration, you should follow the guidelines to post anadvertisement.

  • If youhave another question, you should contact us via +357966 999 08 or +442031500812, click on our live chat supportlocated bottom right of your screen and you can also get in touch with us viaemail at info@onemovecareers.com. Ourrecruitment team will help you find the right person for your job position.
  • Yes, wewill charge you for the service. Compared to other recruitment agents, we arethe most affordable and relia

FAQs for Job Seekers

  • No. The aim of One Move Careers is to help you get a job and this is the main reason why our service is free of charge.
  • We have ageneral application that is open to those who don’t see their preferred job opportunities on our job board. We will add your resume to our database so thatwe can help you find a future role that is more suited to your background education.
  • While we cannot guarantee that there will be someone who will get back to you, we can assure you that your resume will be reviewed and stored in our database andwhen a job listing that best matches your application is published, we will letyou know immediately.
  • Sure,visit our blog page or CV Builder to find tips on how to write a great CV while preparing for a job interview.

  • There are various reasons why you have not been contacted.
    a.    Sometimes clients are specific about field of expertise. For instance, a client might have mentioned that he is seeking for a candidate with experience in automotive industry.
    b.    The second reason might be based on the information that you had provided when submitting your resume. For instance, if you had said that you are looking for a job that offers a minimum of €34k and the vacancy is offering €24k, there is no doubt that you will not be interested.
    However, you are always more than welcome to enquire by quoting the job reference number.

  • Sure,it’s possible. At One Move careers, you can apply as many jobs as you want.  Even if we may not have the job listing but somehow you have heard the position is available and you feel you are best suited to be represented in the highest regards by OneMoveCareers then feelfree to pass on the information and we will work hard to get you in for aninterview.

  • We recommend you to arrive ten minutes before an interview.
  • Interviews normally last for at least 30 minutes.
  • We cannot promise a specific deadline but we can promise you that we will do all we canto secure a job position for you.