Which are the best Jobs in Cyprus?

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Working in Cyprus can be a sheer delight. Not only is it one of the most beautiful Islands in the world, but you also have a wide array of incredible work opportunities that you can access as fast as possible. But you do have to wonder, which are the best job opportunities in Cyprus and how can you access them? Here you have a few great ideas to keep in mind!

Although Cyprus did have an economic recession like most of Europe in the past few years, the economy is recovering quickly. As a result, there are many jobs in Cyprus that are well worth your attention as fast as possible. What you will like about the jobs in Cyprus is that they are unique, diverse and you can get quite a bit of value from them.

Most of the jobs in Cyprus are in the tourism industry, however there are many others that will bring you a good paycheck and incredible results quite fast. The IT sector is in constant development in the country and you will also find some other great opportunities if you want to work in electrical, telecom, engineering, finance or even most recently oil and gas.

You have to know the fact that most employers here usually expect you to have at least a basic knowledge of Greek if you want to have any good chance at getting that job, however in one of the most demanding industries which is really excelling in Cyprus speaking your native language and English is a massive plus and will easily put you in good stead for a job offer. Most of the opportunities that come with a good paycheck will usually have some other requirements such as a certain degree or specialization, something that’s quite common in most regions of Cyprus.

Even if you might not be requested to learn Greek when you find Jobs in Cyprus, it’s still a good idea to learn this language anyway. The reason is simple, there are a lot more opportunities for people that know Greek, so you might just as well learn the language as fast as possible to get the very best results.

What salary can you expect?

Unlike other countries in Europe, especially the ones in its region, Cyprus has some very competitive salaries. With an average salary of around 2100 Euros + per month, people in Cyprus or even foreigners will have great opportunities that they can harness as fast as possible. It’s safe to say that you do need a degree if you want one of the better-paid jobs, but they are still very accessible and you will get quite a lot of value and good money from most jobs.

Which are the major industries that can offer Jobs in Cyprus?

Obviously, there are major industries and some smaller industries as well. The tourism sector is by far one of the most important ones here and maybe one of the highly-developed sectors here. It delivers an incredible ROI and the value is second to none due to that reason alone. You will like the fact that most of the major industries here give good salaries, so you never have to worry about paying rent or anything like that.

Aside from tourism, other important industries are light manufacturing and maritime shipping. Since Cyprus is surrounded by water, the maritime industry is indeed very powerful. Construction is also very important here and it does bring in front quite a lot of great results for that reason alone.

An important thing to note when you get a job in these industries is that you get up to 21 days per year depending on how many holidays you are awarded. So you get a lot of vacation time, which is wonderful if you consider all the opportunities that you can access here.

Finance / Forex Industry also sees a lot of growth at this time and you will find it quite an impressive industry. If you want some well-paid Jobs in Cyprus, then you should look towards a career in the Forex Industry as one of the best opportunities that you can find here. The finance services sector is one of the highest which hire people.

These are particularly good if you come from overseas and you want to find a job that pays very well. You should keep in mind though that many of these jobs do come with their own set of requirements, but thankfully those are not as demanding as you might think.

The investment fund sector and the energy sector (natural gas more specifically) are known to offer quite a lot of great opportunities for those that want a very good, high paying job in Cyprus.

Insurance companies can also pay very well, it depends on what company you pick here. It’s a good idea to opt for a well-known, high standard company if you want to get the very best results here.

While the construction sector is not as well-paid as others, it’s still growing very fast and it can be one of the best options that you can consider at this time. If you want something in the service area, you should consider telecommunications or IT. Although there aren’t that many IT companies that are created in Cyprus, you can find many subsidiaries or large IT companies from all over the world. So, you can indeed get quite a bit of value without that much of a problem!

How is it to have Jobs in Cyprus?

The working hour is around 38-40 hours per week. Not only that, but the holidays are up to 20-24 days depending on each company. You will have to pay income tax in Cyprus if you want to work there for more than 183 days per year. It will be 20% if you get an income between 20000 euros and 28000 euros, with the tax increasing the more you earn.

As you can see, having Jobs in Cyprus can be a delightful experience. If you really want to enjoy a great job in Cyprus, you should consider opting for many of those jobs available online. Keep in mind our ideas about the well-paid jobs here if you want to get the best outcome!

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