5 Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency


For those of you seeking long-term employment, you’ll know that currently there is more competition than ever before in many markets, so landing your dream job can be extremely difficult. Generally, when on the hunt for a new job or career, you’ll notice that, when you see roles being advertised, generally there are roles listed directly by companies, and there are roles listed via agencies. When businesses choose to hire through a recruitment agency however, the benefits are clear for all of the world to see. Those seeking employment however, sometimes find themselves hesitant to utilize the services of recruitment agents and agencies, and that is such a shame. If you’re not sure whether or not using a recruitment agency is the right decision for you to make here’s a look at 5 reasons to make use of the services offered by recruitment specialists.

Access to a wider range of markets – One of the best things about job hunting with the assistance of a recruitment agency, is the fact that doing so will grant you access to a wider range of markets, many of which you never would have thought possible. As an example, they could recently have discovered that a head salesperson at a specific company could have handed his notice in, meaning that his position will very soon be vacant. The company won’t have advertised his position yet, but you can rest assured that recruitment agents and specialists will be well aware of the fact that he is leaving, meaning they could tip you off and help you set your sights on the position which will be available in a few week’s time.

They represent you professionally – Another great thing about hiring recruitment agents is the fact that they will represent you professionally, so will establish good relationships with companies looking to hire, and they will know exactly what to do and say to endear you to the company, whilst helping you to come across as professional and highly capable. Basically, they are there to make you look as great as you possibly can, helping to convince the company in question that hiring you will be the best decision they ever made.

You will save time – Searching for employment is a job in itself, especially if you do everything yourself. There is the job seeking, the interviews, the research required, and the creating and editing of your cover letter and resume. Recruitment agencies however, do much of the ground work for you, meaning you only need to apply once, and they do the rest.

Constructive feedback – Criticism and feedback, providing it is constructive, is great for learning and making self improvements, and the good thing about recruitment agents is the fact that they are fantastic for chasing up interviewers and potential employers, and getting feedback from how your interview went, if you were unfortunate enough not to land the job. By learning what you perhaps did wrong, you can ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes again for your next interview.

They offer help – Applying for jobs and interviewing for jobs is not easy, in fact, it is extremely stressful and very difficult, which is why recruitment agents offer such great support in these cases. The agencies will offer you help and advice on how to apply for roles, how to dress for interviews, and how to present yourself and conduct yourself during your interviews. This means that you will go into interviews far better prepared than you would have ordinarily been, which means your chances of nailing the interview and being hired, will be far greater than if you’d tried doing everything yourself.

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